Thursday, March 21, 2013

PB&BS News

Greeting Assholes!

We KNOW, it's been like a gazillion forevers ago since we updated this site...oh well, deal.

Since we've last spoke, we now produce a monthly stand-up comedy show at Barney McNabbs in Yonkers, NY called "COMICS!" and it takes place the last Friday of every month.  How awesome is that shit, right?

This is the flyer for this months edition:

Sweet huh?

Wait, it gets better...we've also teamed up with Maryssa Smith's Fashionably Funny Productions to bring to you a new show at No Fun (161 Ludlow NYC) called "Little Shop of Ha-Ha's" on every other sunday night at 7pm starting April 7th...and here is the flyer for THAT: 

Leah Bonnema is headlining and it features - Troy Alan, Mike Gillerman, Keith Furstenberg, Mike Brown, Brian Eirersen, Justine Pentifallo, Kate Hendricks, Dice the Magician, Maryssa Smith, Joseph Conklin and Jeff Olsen as the host. 

That's one hell of a line-up AND it's FREE!

You are Welcome

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Preview Clip

Hello Assholes! This is our very first EVER preview clip for our newest episode - #70 "Los Submarinos" A majority of the episode is spent discussing the Twinkie Controversy and this clip specifically address why we think no one will miss that useless bitch Suzi Q tho... Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episode #66

This week on Peanut Butter & Bullshit...

Reverse cowgirl is the best position in sex because it's everything great about doggystyle but with no exertion...which is why we think it should be re-named Clever Dog. 

Yo-G and Boo...why not urbanize a beloved childhood cartoon?
Ever w

onder why God hates Uzbekistan? we did and we got answers from people more jackassy then even us.

Don't you think Hulk Hogan's sex tape called for crude wrestling euphemisms about sex?

If you're a girl in Pakistan trying to be loved for your brains you get them blown out and in Milwaukee you get your butt fingered for any crime...and people say we don't talk about poignant topics, bah!

#66 (God Hates This Episode)

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Friday, October 12, 2012

PB&BS News

Greetings and Salutations Assholes!

  It's been a little bit since we updated and we're not sorry for that cause fck you, we were busy.  
Anyway, Episode #66 was dropped today like it was hot...and then it got scorching hot as it became the fastest episode we've ever released to reach 100 hits in less than 24 hours.

Congrats to Us!

Anyway, check it out up top and give us some feedback for once fckrs, don't be scurrd. 

Our next gig together is next Friday in Pompton Lakes, NJ and its a benefit show.  Our first ever. This could go very wrong (i.e. Jeff Olsen), but we'll see.  They say laughter is the best medicine, but we've never seen one doctor prescribe a dick joke for any ailment - the best medicine is bought by money.  You pay the money for the medicine in exchange we make you laugh with dick jokes.  Seems legit. 

Joe on the other hand will also be performing the night before at our good friend Johnny Zito's venue out in Bushwick, Brooklyn - Goodbye Blue Monday.  He'll be heading out there with our comedic sister in arms - Maryssa Smith, so if you're just roaming around Brooklyn looking for a laugh next Thursday you now know where to find a few. Just a few though, don't get fckn greedy ok? 

Our Lunacy show is on minor hiatus as the Tavern we host it in is now under new and improved management who actually recognizes our genius...but he's renovating a tad, so we'll be back soon enough with a whole fresh new line-up of funny fo yo ass!

Last but not least, Jeff Olsen will be hosting his annual "Zombie Prom" bash this year at the Thornwood Ale House in Thornwood, NY on October 26th.  It's a zombie themed party, shit-ton of fun and we shit you not on that.  

That is all for now

Sunday, September 16, 2012

PB&BS News

Hello Assholes!

   The reason there has yet to be an Episode #63 posted is due to a severe case of our recording program being a total asshole and crashing just as we finished recording.  Our tech department (Joe) is now attempting to sift thru 1200 10 second long audio clips to find the roughly 600+ that can be cut n paste together, one at a time to create one solid hour of nonsense...he may have a mental breakdown before then tho...

  This past weeks Lunacy Comedy Show at The Full Moon Tavern had a great turnout this week, with a group of very attentive ladies to keep us company all night long! ;) Our guest comic this week was comedian Brian Holland ( who drove all the way down to Yonkers from Massachusetts for some reason to hang with us two assclowns as we unleashed unrestrained improv comedy on the crowd!  Good times and looking forward to doing it again next week with comedian Ralph "DaFunnyMan" Gabriel! (

  Our Stand-Up dates have been updated!  Joe will be performing at the Greenich Village Comedy Club in NYC in their "ThunderDome" competition held by comedian/booker Dustin Chafin.  Joe has the chance to not only win the Thunderdome Championship belt, but also spots at the club as well - so if you can, come out and support his sweet ass!  

  We've also added two dates in which we'll be producing shows - the as of right now unnamed Halloween show held at Barney McNabbs in Yonkers on the 5th of October and the November 2nd show at River Roadhouse, continueing our "In a Bar Down by the River" comedy series - this time with a Birthday Bash!!  It's our own Jeff Olsen's birthday that night, as well as a couple friends of the show as well so it should truly be a BLAST!  Line-ups for both shows to be announced sooner rather than later. 

Wrapping up the news for this week, this past Thursday we both had the honor of performing at the very FIRST edition of Merriment and Mortification at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC and produced by our comedic sister - Maryssa Smith and we had a great time.  Great line-up, nice room and great venue overall!  Neither of us can wait till the next one!!  

and last but not least - This week our very own Joseph Conklin will once again be the featured comic at StupidAssQuestions.Com where people ask him stupid ass questions and he gives you smart ass answers like only he can! 

Until next time, this has been the PB&BS News...and you're welcome.